Why Candoris

Candoris assumes responsibility, coordination and price negotiations with all service providers resulting in best interest deals for asset managers and investors. We only deal with high quality service providers. The time and hassle for fund managers or investors is minimal.

Setting up a fund in any jurisdiction is time consuming and expensive for your organization, while it is likely not your key area of your business. Candoris has spent a lot of time and invested heavily in finding, negotiating and contracting high quality service providers for a sharp fee. We are fully aligned and economically impacted by our choices and “eat our own cooking”. We are experienced and have dealt with all issues popping up when setting up your fund. We have set-up multiple funds and are economic impacted by its success. We want to enable you to benefit from the platform we’ve set up.

 Candoris Fees:

 2.5 basis points over the AUM for the first 100 million euro

 2.0 basis point over the AUM between 100 and 250 million euro

 1.5 basis points over the AUM greater than 250 million euro

 With a minimum of 12.500 Euro

 Candoris negotiates on behalf of a broader range of funds, the   fees of all underlying service providers are discounted more than   the fees added by the Candoris fees above.

 We are:
  • Transparent in all fees, timelines and the choice of our service providers. We are economically impacted by our choices as we eat our own cooking
  • Not part of the inner circle contributing to each other but focused on the interest of asset managers and investors
  • Experienced in setting up and running UCITS funds
  • Board-members of the legal structures (UCITS and QIAIF) and are in control for the benefit of our own funds and your fund.
  • Able to arrange distribution for your UCITS fund
 Candoris shares benefits of our UCITS and or QIAIF platform with service providers:
  • Management company
  • Directors
  • Custodian
  • Administrator
  • Transfer agent
  • Auditor
  • Legal advice
  • Financial reporting
  • Insurance
  • Money laundering officer
  • Company secretary
  • VAT-reclaim
  • Required legal documentation
  • Country registration

All of the above is included in the following example: