Your distribution

Distributing your new fund to a broad range of investors is attractive, arranging for 3rd party marketers and/or setting up a fully staffed sales office is quite expensive and time consuming.

Candoris can assist in marketing your fund in several ways:

  • Candoris can market your fund in our specialized region: The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, The Baltic States and Ireland
  • Your fund can be marketed in other designated countries by 3rd party marketers, either selected by yourself or advised by Candoris
  • Candoris started to develop a broad marketing network across Europe

Besides direct marketing, Candoris can assist with contemplating your marketing materials, such as:

  • Factsheets
  • Monthly mailings
  • Presentations
  • Peer group comparisons
  • Monthly or quarterly text reports, based on your input

For Candoris’ typical marketing approach and materials, please click here: