Comparison regarding country and structure




  • No tax d’abbonnement (1 or 5 bps)
  • English language
  • Anglo-Saxon work ethic
  • Fewer holidays
  • Eager to grow

  • French language
  • Slight preferred in Southern Europe
  • Biggest and most well known hub 
  • Familiar with the UCITS structure for more than 30 years



  • Southern Europe more acquainted with Luxembourg domicile
  • Booming fund industry, rising prices for servicing
  • Inner circle



  • Tax d ’abbonnement of 1-5 bps
  • Different work ethic/culture
  • Lower English proficiency, due to preference for French
  • Expensive, high wages
  • Inner circle

 Own UCITS structure

 Use an existing structure


  • Pick your own service providers
  • More control
  • When you have many funds and AUM grows to high level this option can be cost beneficial

  • Faster set up of your fund
  • Shared costs and often cheaper for 1 fund and lower AUM
  • Takes far less of your time and knowledge
  • In case of use Candoris structure very transparent and cost efficient
  • Candoris has its own funds in same UCITS structure, so they eat their own Cooking
  • Set up is very time consuming, you easily spend six months to a year
  • Even then you don’t have full oversight and end up paying service providers way too much
  • Quarterly board meetings you need to attend in Lux or Ireland
  • More expensive as you cannot share costs between UCITS funds, high legal costs
  • Depended on chosen service providers UCITS structure
  • Often providers that offer their platform are not transparent